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Whitening Skin Care: Top 6 Tips

For many of us, having that clear, dewy skin sported by countless Korean and Japanese celebs is one of our greatest skin wishes. We would try the skin care and makeup products they advertise for yet, we are nowhere close to looking like them. So apart from using the products that they use, what else can we do?

How to have white skin (The Japanese Way)

1. Get into a routine: Skin care, sun protection, makeup removal

Japanese take their skin care game really seriously and you can tell that from their sales of skin care products, which greatly surpasses that of makeup products! Summer must-haves include sunblock, hat and umbrella to protect against irreversible sun damage. Now despite that skin care takes priority, you would hardly see a Japanese woman without makeup (it’s a form of courtesy to wear makeup in Japan if you are going out!) Thus, Japanese put in a lot of effort in makeup removal in order to maintain fair, healthy skin and to avoid pigmentation problems! This is also the reason why you see a huge array of makeup removal products designed to suit different skin types on Japanese shelves.

2. Take your pick: Drugstore and high-end products

When it comes to choosing skin care products, you can hardly go wrong with Japanese brands. Many products are committed to using ingredients from the nature and are produced under strict regulations. Better yet, most of the products are designed for Asian skin (definitely a plus point for us!) and guess what, that’s not all! Name it and you shall have it – Japanese brands usually have a comprehensive range of products, so you will be spoilt for choices even when it comes to choosing a sunblock. Thus, you will never have to worry about having that sticky feeling again for there is always something for every skin type.

3. Feed your skin: Matcha, miso and sake

You are what you eat – this holds true for the Japanese whose diet includes many superfoods (such as matcha, miso and sake) that have the same benefits as whitening skin care products. Matcha contains catechins, amino acids and vitamin C, all of which help to revitalise dull looking skin and promote skin cell renewal, achieving the skin whitening effect we desire. On the other hand, miso and sake contain kojic acid, which effectively inhibits the accumulation of dark pigments in the skin. For this reason, it is also one of the favourite ingredients found in whitening skin care products.

How to have white skin (The Korean Way)

4. Dare to bare: Go without makeup

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By now, many of us are well acquainted with this term called the ‘no makeup look’ which is a hot favourite among many female Korean actresses and singers. K-celebs have repeatedly mentioned the importance of letting their skin breathe by not applying makeup whenever they can afford to! Judging by their #nomakeupselfies on social media and how courageous some of them are when they reveal their bare face on variety programmes, we can say that this tip is really worth a shot! On a more scientific note, by not wearing makeup, you are keeping your face away from additional chemicals and also reducing the time colour pigments from makeup stay on your skin. Doing so allows your skin more time to rest and the result you get is healthier skin!

5. Fill it up: Hydrate your skin inside out

To give their skin a luminous, dewy glow, rather than relying solely on skin care products, many K celebs (both the guys and ladies) make extra effort to drink more water. Be it at work where they keep a bottle of water nearby or at home where they fill up the fridge with bottles of them or even at restaurants where plain water is always served, these Korean stars constantly hydrate their body and skin. In turn, sufficient water intake gives our body’s circulatory system an extra boost, improve skin metabolism and thus, letting our skin shine from within. For even better skin whitening results, throw in a few slices of lemon, which is naturally high in Vitamin C. If that sounds impossible for the busy you, why not try setting alarms to remind yourself that it’s time for some H2O?

6. Consistency is the key: Regular treatments

Like it or not, in Korea, personal grooming and appearance can make or break your chances in life (think career and relationship). Which is why everyone, regardless of gender, do everything they can to achieve the much coveted porcelain skin. For instance, when they have some problem with their skin, many would rush to beauty salons or even skin specialist for help. From enlarged pores to acne marks to dark spots, there is a solution for everything! Needless to mention, till this date, skin whitening treatments is still a huge hit for both celebrities and ordinary folks! Now, the takeaway here is that the key to achieving the perfect skin is not about seeking professional help. Instead it is about getting treatments regularly and this is one of the secrets many Koreans have that allow them to have such great confidence in themselves. When you look good, you feel good too!