Travel Skincare: Get post-flight radiant, glowy skin

Travel Skincare: Get post-flight radiant, glowy skin

Shakura Singapore travel guide to skin care routine

Flying at 32000 feet in the skies must take a toll on your skin – don’t we all wish we could step through the plane doors with naturally radiant and dewy skin? Unfortunately for the most of us who have not won the genetic lottery, a lot of work goes into maintaining our post-flight complexion.

However, looking picture-perfect for all your holiday photos is possible! Here are some essential travel skincare tips to keep in mind for your next vacation if you want to look Instagram-ready at any one time:

#1. Hydration

The day before you embark on your adventures, you should be making sure that you are well-
hydrated. Drink plenty of water and you can even add watermelon, cucumbers and coconut water to
your pre-flight diet routine.

If possible, forgo that morning brew as coffee is a diuretic and it can be dehydrating.

To freshen up your dry skin during the flight, you may consider getting a travel-sized facial mist to
spritz on your face to maintain your hydration.

#2. Keep your hands germ free

During the span of the few hours that you are on the plane, the likelihood of you touching your face
is pretty high – and we understand that it might be inevitable. If scooting over the next person to use the bathroom is too much of a hassle, keep a pocket size anti-bacterial hand gel with you to sanitize your hands so as to minimize transference of germs to your face.

#3. Make up removal

You don’t want to sleep in your make up, especially for long haul flights. Your make up may clog up your pores and cause acne, blackheads and pigmentation to form. This is why you should carry make up removal and cleansers with you. You can always reapply them when you disembark.

#4. Moisturizer

Your skin is most comfortable at 40-70% humidity but did you know that the dry cabin air is only at approximately 20%? That’s about the humidity level in the Sahara desert! Remember to moisturize your skin and carry a lip balm with you to prevent chapped, dry lips!

#5. Walk it off

Do you absolutely love airplane peanuts and snacks? Well, all that salt intake and inactivity might give you a puffy face. This bloating is caused by water retention and you can prevent it by reducing salty food consumption and being more active. Try taking a short walk to the bathroom or along the aisles as mobility can help to regulate the extra fluid in your body.

#6. Sunscreen

Cruising at high altitudes means that you are much closer to the sun and that increases your risks of skin cancer and pigmentation problems – especially if you are taking the window seat! So remember to slather up on the sunscreen and protect yourself from those pesky UV rays! No matter where you are, it is important to care for your skin’s needs accordingly and pay attention to the signs! Dry, flaky skin or red, inflamed complexion could point to a more serious underlying condition. Seek professional help early if your problem persists!