Shakura Singapore pigmentation spots before and after


Shakura Facial Treatment: Success Story 1

If you have been exposed to the sun / UV rays for many years and without any sun protection, you will probably realise that pigmentation spots such as freckles or melasma have already started to surface. Not only are they visible on the skin surface, those spots are also becoming increasingly obvious over time. No amount of make-up, even concealers, could cover those ugly pigmentation spots.

You are not alone.

One of Shakura’s customers, Mdm Ting Ling Hoong has been facing this problem since her teenage years. In fact, at age 41, Ling Hoong suffered from pigmentation woes for 20 years!

Before Shakura Facial Treatment:

darks-spots-testimonial-Shakura-pigmentation-treatment-SingaporeAs a very active and sporty person, Ling Hoong was exposed to the sun for many years. Without proper coverage and protection, Ling Hoong started to develop dark spots on her face since the age of 19. She tried using different types of skin care products and even laser treatments to resolve her pigmentation problems with no results. Over time, her pigmentation worsened. Ling Hoong was also worried that those dark spots coupled with skin dullness made her look older than her age, and to make things worse, clients / colleagues commented that she look tired all the time.

No matter what she did, Ling Hoong, over a span of 20 years, couldn’t find a right solution for the pigmentation on her face! She almost gave up hope until she heard Shakura on the radio.


Results from Shakura Facial Treatment

  • During her 1st facial treatment session, Ling Hoong went through a detailed skin analysis, and consultation to better understand her skin and pigmentation problems.
  • A facial treatment using milk essence, plant extracts of the Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower and other ingredients was then customised for Ling Hoong by Shakura’s professional consultant.
  • Half of Ling Hoong’s face was treated first to show her the “Before” and “After” differences; visible results such as a brighter skin were seen in just 1 session*.

After going through a few sessions of facial treatments, pigmentation problems that had bothered Ling Hoong for over 20 years had visibly lightened! Now, she looks younger and is confident in meeting new people.