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look good and confident

Outlet: Yew Tee Point
Consultant Name: Bella Chia
5 5 1
After so many years of desperation and giving up hope, due to my pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Thanks to ur advise and deligent work and also ur friendly, warm attitude. It is a joy to have known u.


Outlet: JCube (Jurong East)
Consultant Name: Peggy
4 5 1

My skin getting improvement

Outlet: Yew Tee Point
Consultant Name: Jun Kee
3 5 1
I was facing pigmentation and skin tag problems. My consultant Jun Kee is a very caring and responsible person. She take care my skin need and requirement. My skin has great improvement under Shakura's treatment.

Highly satisfied with results

Outlet: Plaza Singapura
Consultant Name: Serene
5 5 1
My pigmentations on the upper right cheek bone had 'disappeared' after less than 2 years of treatment. Services - very satisfied with my consultant (Serene). She will let me know what treatment she b doing for me that day. She will also explain what she's doing or applying on my face. She will also tell me what or how I should take care at home to have better results

I had more confident after I met Shakura

Outlet: Yew Tee Point
Consultant Name: Jun Kee
5 5 1
Prior to treatment, my skin experience extreme redness & itchiness due to the sensitive nature. I also have uneven skin tone & pigmentation. After about 6 months treatment, my skin has improved greatly.

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