Proven Results



Zhang Xiao Jie / Consultant – Peggy Lim

29 years old / Female / Chinese / Operator / Acne Marks

“Singapore’s weather and work stress caused frequent breakouts on my face, leaving behind reddish-brown acne marks and scars. Thankfully, I found Shakura. They have helped me in the removal of unsightly skin pigmentation with their facial treatments. Now my skin is smooth, radiant and fair. Even my husband was so pleased with the results!”


Rohani Binte Ahamad / Consultant – Peggy Lim

49 years old / Female / Malay / Enforcement / Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

“When I had pigmentation problems, I used to partially cover my face with my hand when talking to people. However, ever since Shakura has helped me regained a beautiful complexion with their facial treatments, I am no longer afraid of looking at the mirror. Instead, I want to start learning on how to put on simple makeup to make myself look even better.”


Jamiah Binte Abdullah / Consultant – Jun Kee

53 years old / Female / Malay / Housewife / Freckles, Melasma

“As a housewife, I was so busy taking care of my family that I didn’t have time to take care of my skin. So, over the years, my complexion became worse. Shakura has helped me to deal with my skin pigmentation problems and I see a huge improvement to my skin! Even my family members and friends noticed the change in my skin too!”


Tan Gim Kuan (Lisel) / Consultant - Vivien Chua

34 years old / Female / Chinese / Manager / Melasma

“After giving birth, the pigmentation problem on my face worsened. It became bigger and darker. I’ve tried IPL treatments to remove it but the dark spots came back. However, Shakura’s facial treatments have helped me in the removal of those stubborn dark spots and the results are long-lasting! Thank you Shakura!”


Choo Kok Kwang (Ryan) / Consultant - Jennifer Lee

42 years old / Male / Chinese / Marketing / Freckles, Sun burn Pigmentation

“I loved outdoor activities, especially sun tanning. Due to excessive sun exposure, skin pigmentation problems started to appear on my complexion. I tried laser treatment but it didn’t help me at all. The dark spots became more severe. Luckily, there was Shakura! Their facial treatments didn’t cause any swelling, redness or pain. Nowadays, I am having a youthful appearance without dark spots and patches.”