Pigmentation and Its Related Skin Illnesses

Many a time, we think to ourselves ‘why can’t we have a clear and smooth complexion? Why is our skin so prone to problems like acne, pigmentation or even scarring despite spending so much time and money on taking care of our skin?’

To solve this mystery, we have to understand that likewise to our body which is susceptible to illnesses, the same goes for our skin! As the largest organ, it has many ways to tell you that it is ill. Here are some signs that might just give you a clue as to what kind of illnesses your skin is down with.

  • Dry skin

Does your skin feel tight and dry all the time? At times, you may even experience some peeling and redness. If these sound familiar to you, your skin may be dehydrated.

  • Skin Mania / Skin Hyperactive Disorder

Acne and pigmentation keep popping out over a period of time, and nothing you do could reduce the symptoms.

  • Skin Anorexia

Your skin rebels against the use of any products, refusing to take in external nutrition; the skin products that you use cannot be absorbed into the skin, and improvements in skin cannot be seen at all.

  • Colour blindness

The skin becomes dull and more uneven over time. This may lead to accumulation of melanin beneath your skin and more pigmentation may surface / develop as time goes by.

Does home remedy help in resolving skin pigmentation?

Shakura Singapore natural ingredient for facial treatmentWhen your skin is down with any of these illnesses and you see that your complexion is suffering, one may be tempted to pop into the kitchen and try to make some DIY facial recipes, thinking that what is good for your body is naturally good for skin application too.

However, not all DIY facial recipes are suitable for your skin.

For example, fruits or vegetables like lemon and cucumber could cause your skin to become sensitive to sunlight. So when you get under the sun without adequate protection, you could experience skin redness. Dark pigments are also produced underneath the skin and this could in turn lead to skin pigmentation overtime.

While skin pigmentation cannot be 100% avoidable, it is definitely treatable with the right methods. So to prevent skin pigmentation from becoming bigger and darker, start off with the correct skin care regimen for your skin type today.