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Kawazoe Meiri  34, Research Scientist (Freckles, Dark Eye Circles, Dry Skin)


Kawazoe Meiri  34, Research Scientist (Freckles, Dark Eye Circles, Dry Skin)

“My facial spots were lightened tremendously.”

“Since the age of 10, I had skin pigmentation problems. While working in Singapore, the hot and humid weather worsened my skin condition because of insufficient moisturising and facial care. Thanks to Shakura, my facial spots were lightened tremendously. After three treatment sessions, dry skin and dark eye circles that troubled me were no longer an issue as well. What’s more, my colleagues commented I looked younger too.”



Ting Ling Hong  40, Software Engineer (Melasma, Freckles)


Ting Ling Hoong  40, Software Engineer (Melasma, Freckles)

“Shakura solved the pigmentation woes I had for 20 years!”

“My love for outdoor sports caused skin pigmentation problems to develop since the age of 19. When I was over 30 years old, the pigmentation areas started to spread and grow darker, making me look older. Many advanced skin care treatments and products couldn’t resolve my problem. As my last resort, I tried Shakura and was surprised to see a much brighter, smoother and even-toned complexion with lighter spots after the first treatment! Thank you Shakura, for solving my uneven skin tone problem of twenty years. I’m more energetic and confident now.”


Loh Seow Cheng 49, Self-employed (Age Spots, Freckles, Uneven Skin Tone, Redness, Dry Skin)

“Shakura helped me to overcome my skin problems.”

“Pigmentation and uneven skin tone were stopping me from having that natural glow and radiance. I tried laser treatments to tackle my pigmentation problem but it caused pain and burning sensation to my skin. Luckily, I found Shakura! Their signature Shakura Pigmentation Facial Therapy that is formulated with milk essence, plant extracts of Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (commonly known as roselle) and other amazing skin care ingredients had helped me to overcome my skin pigmentation problems.”


Irene Tan 45, Admin (Age Spots)

“I look younger now and no longer have to depend on makeup!”

“As my age increases, the pigmentation spots on both my cheeks became darker. The oval-shaped pigmentation spots on the right of my face made me looked dirty. All the products in my drawer were ineffective. Luckily, I found Shakura! After their facial treatment, my skin was brighter and no longer dry and peeling. These days, I can go out in less than 10 minutes’ time without having to apply a thick layer of concealer to cover the spots. I also look younger now!”


Kwok Wei Ling 39, Admin (Age Spots, Uneven Skin Tone)

“I love my flawless complexion now.”

“After my third childbirth, the pigmentation problems on my face worsen; dark spots became bigger and darker. It was a worrying sight when I saw my skin condition in the mirror. Thankfully, I heard about Shakura through the radio at Love 97.2FM. Without any hesitation, I decided to give it a try. The specialist did a comprehensive skin analysis and explained to me in detail about my facial treatment. Nowadays, I do not spend too much time on makeup and loving my flawless skin.”


Choo Kwan Ching 48, Housewife (Melasma)

“The large patch of pigmentation on my cheeks disappeared!”

“In the past, the brown spots on both my cheeks and chin made me depressed and unconfident. A lot of money was spent on unsuitable products that made my skin dry and peel. My pigmentation problem worsened and acne also started to appear. After five treatment sessions with Shakura, the large patch of pigmentation spot disappeared and my skin looked even-toned. My skin’s natural luminosity was also restored. Now, I can go out looking beautiful without makeup!”