Have you ever felt that some products that used to work amazingly on your skin do not work as well anymore? Well, that is because your skin’s needs have changed overtime. So, a correct switch in products is necessary to address these new concerns and to do so, you will have to first understand what your skin really needs.


Have you been using different photo or camera apps to refine your pictures (by getting rid of those ugly acne marks, skin pigmentation problems, or wrinkles) before posting them online? Could this be a sign of skin aging?

Shakura Singapore pigmentation spots before and after

If you have been exposed to the sun / UV rays for many years and without any sun protection, you will probably realise that pigmentation spots such as freckles or melasma have already started to surface. Not only are they visible on the skin surface, those spots are also becoming increasingly obvious over time. No amount of make-up, even concealers, could cover those ugly pigmentation spots.