Brand Philosophy


In Asia, fair, luminous skin is commonly regarded as a precondition for beauty. The quest for a lighter skin tone was at its peak during the Japanese Edo period, when fair skin was the mark of beauty and aristocracy.

Japanese Beauty Ideal

As the old saying had it, a fair complexion hides multiple flaws (色の白いは七難隠す). Japanese women would apply oshiroi, a type of white powder to her face and body, for a ‘white complexion’ was regarded as the essence of a beautiful woman.

However, the Japanese concept of beauty has changed with time. Having a milky white complexion is now not enough. A fair complexion with a translucent and pearlescent glow has become the highly sought-after look of modern Japanese women.

Despite the long list of expectations of an ideal complexion, Japanese tend to keep things simple and natural when it comes to beauty products and regimen. This is what Shakura is all about.

Shakura Singapore two white cream marks

Shakura’s Facial Treatments

Simplicity at its finest, Shakura’s facial treatments are designed to deliver visible results to skin pigmentation problems with no lasers, no invasive treatments, and no light machines.

Believing that skin pigmentation problems should be nipped in the bud, Shakura does not stop at removing surface pigmentation. Instead, it delves deeper. Underlying colour pigments which are slowly building up and surfacing are being identified and addressed to leave you with a truly long lasting radiance.

Shakura Singapore pigmentation treatment process

As the old saying had it, a fair complexion hides multiple flaws.