Sure, your acne may be gone but leaving behind are trails of acne scars and dark marks that serve as an ugly reminder of that painful experience. Many people may turn to expensive laser treatments to remove these blemishes; however, not everyone has access to such privileges.

whitening skin care tips

For many of us, having that clear, dewy skin sported by countless Korean and Japanese celebs is one of our greatest skin wishes. We would try the skin care and makeup products they advertise for yet, we are nowhere close to looking like them. So apart from using the products that they use, what else can we do?


Slather on the sunblock. Reapply it after a few hours throughout the day – these are what dermatologists consider the best way to prevent freckles, dark spots and of course, skin cancer but the truth is majority of us can’t keep up with this regimen. Nevertheless, busy as we might be, here is a list of reasons why we will come to regret (in years to come) about not being diligent enough in our skin care routine!


Have you ever felt that some products that used to work amazingly on your skin do not work as well anymore? Well, that is because your skin’s needs have changed overtime. So, a correct switch in products is necessary to address these new concerns and to do so, you will have to first understand what your skin really needs.


Have you been using different photo or camera apps to refine your pictures (by getting rid of those ugly acne marks, skin pigmentation problems, or wrinkles) before posting them online? Could this be a sign of skin aging?