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Product efficacy is what Shakura believes in. Tapping into the riches of nature, thousands of people in Singapore have achieved improved skin pigmentation with our Shakura Miroko™ Whitening Treatment, where no lasers, no invasive procedures and no light machines are used. It lightens and illuminates your skin to create a radiant appearance.


Active Formula


Capturing all the beautifying properties of Milk Essence and Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower in its Shakura Active Formula, this remarkable formulation is set to deliver visible results to frustrating skin pigmentation problems and reveal a radiant, youthful and fairer complexion right from the very first session*.

*Results may vary

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Pigmentation Care


UV rays are known to accelerate the production of melanin, which is responsible for skin pigmentation problems. However, did you know that apart from pigmentation problem caused by UV rays, there are many other types of pigmentation problems?

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Success Stories


Kawazoe Meiri 34, Research Scientist
(Freckles, Dark Eye Circles, Dry Skin)

“My facial spots were lightened tremendously.”